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How does a sale on Agorastore work?


A sale on Agorastore includes 5 major steps:

  • Sign-up: During your first connection you must register on Agorastore. To do that you can click on "Sign-up" at any time, located top left. Once registration is complete, a confirmation email is sent to you to validate your email address. You must click on the link in the email to validate your registration.
  • Make a bid: Enter the amount of your bid on the information sheet of the product you would like to buy. This must be above the minimum bid amount indicated in the price. Then you must accept the terms of sale after accepting the seller's own General Terms and Conditions for the product concerned.
  • Win the auction: If another buyer makes a higher bid than yours you will be notified by email. Otherwise, at the end of the auction, you will be emailed that you have won the auction.
    We advise you to connect to Agorastore a few minutes before the end of the auction to monitor the articles on which you have bid. Last bids are often made in this period. The sale is legally concluded upon email confirmation from the seller.
  • Pay for the product: You then need to pay for the goods by the means proposed (According to the General Terms and Conditions of the product: on Agorastore.fr by credit card, or by Credit Card, Cheque or Cash to the address indicated for payment).
    The payment address is usually indicated in the product information and will also be included in the mail confirming that you have won the auction.
  • Collect your product: You can then collect your product from the address indicated in the email confirming that you have won the auction. Do not forget to take along the receipt that will be provided to you upon payment.

For further explanation on the Agorastore selling process: click here

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