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Problem making the deposit


You tried to bid on a product and your deposit was not accepted, and thus your bid was not validated.

First, note whether the error message you receive is sent by your bank to our payment platform.


It is possible that:

  • You made an error entering the data.
    Check the name you specified, it should be the same name as the cardholder.
    Also make sure that the numbers on the card are correct.

  • Your bank does not authorise the deposit.
    In this case, you need to contact you bank directly to activate the prepayment authorisation. Explain to it your business with Agorastore indicating the amount of the deposit. This is a guarantee for us and will be charged in case of non-payment of the winning bid.

  • You have reached your account limit.
    Check with your bank that you have not reached the ceiling on the outstanding amount authorised for your credit card.

  • Your card has expired.
    Check the month and year that your credit card expires.

Where possible, if the problem persists, we advise you to use another credit card.


Do not hesitate to contact us again if the problem persists even after contacting your bank: sav@agorastore.fr 

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